Friday, August 11, 2006


Some might say that Condoleezza Rice's appearance in Israel in the middle of the war was supposed to be a diversion to draw attention away from the expansion of the war.

Others might say that the expansion of the war might have been a diversion to draw attention away from the presence of Condoleezza Rice.

Some say that this whole war is a diversion to draw attention away from Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

But the most interesting one I've heard is this one, from a colleague.

Apparently, there's a midrash(?) that Hashem created trouble for Pharoah's baker and cup-bearer as a diversion to draw attention away from the innocent Yosef/Joseph.

So, said my co-worker, maybe Hashem created the terrorist scare in Britain--in which, mind you, no one has actually been injured or killed--as a diversion as Israel expands the war in Lebanon.

Assuming, of course, that the U.N. etc. doesn't cram a cease fire down Israel's throat before the big clean-up can be achieved.

'Cause if that happens, Israel will be back at war in Lebanon within the next decade. Hasn't Israel already withdrawn from Lebanon once before? And what good did that do, pray tell?

(When did I become such a warmonger?)

As Jameel said yesterday here:

11:23 PM Roundup of the past few hours.

1. Tourist stabbed to death in Jerusalem by Palestinian.
2. Another IDF soldier killed in combat today.
3. CeaseFire in the works...which will prove once and for all, that crime pays.

Israel will be forced to leave South Lebanon, without Hizbollah being disarmed.

Israel will be forced to negotiate a prisoner swap with Hizbollah as the only means of returning our kidnapped soldiers.

Israel will be forced to negotiate the abandonment of the Shaaba Farm area (Har Dov), which will reduce our security even further.

Hizbolla will retain their rockets and missiles, and even though they will be deployed (for the time being) north of the Litani River, they will still be a threat to Israel.

Lastly -- Hizbollah's standing in the Arab world as the power that took on Israel, and won, will be celebrated for revitalizing the Arab dream of pushing Israel into the sea, once and for all.

If the Israeli government accepts these "terms of surrender" -- then the very fate of Israel's survival comes into question.

It also means, that after a war that cost the Israeli economy over 7 billion shekel, loss of over 115 lives of soldiers and civilians, and the loss of the IDF as a military deterrence -- we will have lost the war.

And that will set the stage for Olmert's big plans...for yet another unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank.

G-d Help Us.

6:00 PM As of a few minutes ago, over 155 katyushas landed in Israel today. . . ."


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